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  Our Story 

We are Green House Co. For food products and we've been serving our customers innovatively since 2017. We are specialized in washed and ready to eat fresh food. Salad mixes is our thing. With different components we make great salad bags for everyone to enjoy with no effort and less time.

Our vision is to bring people of all ages to increase their intake of real whole food. We help our customers change their eating habits by giving them easier and faster options to make better choices. Clean fresh snacks with high quality and premium value are what we guarantee our customers each and every day. We aspire to be the first Egyptian company to produce and deliver the unique experience of enjoying ready-to-eat fresh snacks necessary for maintaining a well-balanced diet with almost no time or effort. We strive to get our products in every house in Egypt for a better and greener lifestyle.


At Green House Co., fresh high quality veggie mixes are prepared, thoroughly washed and bagged with premium quality and high technology on daily basis to ensure cleanliness and maintain freshness of our leafy greens.
Our mission is to serve our customers of all ages, especially children, with healthier, fresh, ready-cut, colourful and nutritious snacks. We step in to minimize your time and effort spent on making your diet greener and well-balanced. This is all offered at high standards of production, competitive prices and supportive customer service team.
Spreading a culture of green eating and care for our customers’ health are the main drivers inspiring and motivating us to provide “quick ‘n fresh” creative and innovative salad mixes.

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